Metro Today News/Talk Radio

     Since it's creation by the late Miss Stephanie Nicole and her brother Dustin Alexander-PĂ©rez, "Metro Today" has always been a programme that can be listened to by any age audience and aired on any radio station due to its lack of controversial on-air topics and wholesome content. Dusty and Stephy wanted something free of any reproach a product that could almost never be called into question for any reason. It may be bland to some, but giving any of the shows a good listen isn't a waste of valuable time.

     Another feature we love to share with you is the amazing affordability of each show. We took the number "0" and multiplied that by 90% of your station or networks annual profits to calculate up the cost. Radio stations across the entire United States are granted FCC licensing based on certain, mandatory criteria. One of those is really a simply request in theory, but not always practical for local and smaller stations to constantly provide. Community programming is that requirement, but the FCC doesn't stipulate how or where it is produced just as long as your station is giving back to the community you serve in some way. That's where we may be able to assist you.

     Listen to one or more episodes or just a few minutes from a couple shows and you can then decide whether we will be your FCC Community Enrichment programme solution. You are hereby granted the rights to re-broadcast the show at any time you so desire just as long as you are aware that we use this network clock for station breaks. Remember this is all free not because we don't need the funding, but we enjoy sharing this programme. If you are moved to make a "Thank you" donation, we'll sincerely appreciate that too. Also, if you want copies of the show to be specifically tailored to your radio station with commercial inserts, time mentions, call letter bumpers and Legal ID, we do ask a nominal fee for that enhanced service. We look forward to serving you soon!